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Helping You Light Up Your Career



Imagine uncovering a fantastic career with joy and happiness.  I believe you have that in you and I will work with you to bring it out.

You know what is best and I will be your supporter to achieve your greatness, hold you accountable and help you achieve your dream career.


Silver Program:  What Makes You Tick (4 sessions)

  • Learn your life’s purpose–why are you here
  • What makes you tick?  Find out your core values, you may be surprised
  • Find out what motivates you
  • Create your vision and goals


Gold Program:  Defining Your Ideal Career (12 sessions)

Includes all the goals of the Silver Program plus the following:

  • Clarification of your knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Identifying what you enjoy in your career
  • Envisioning your ideal career target
  • Defining your perfect work environment
  • Assessing “business reality”—your compensation, benefits
  • Creating your ideal career/job profile
  • Developing your job marketing plan


Platinum Program:  Landing Your Ideal Career (20 sessions)

Includes all the goals of the Gold Program plus the following:

  • Succeeding at the job search mechanics including using social media
  • Finding jobs with ads, recruiters and the internet
  • Using networking and proactive strategies to reveal hidden jobs
  • Learning resume design secrets
  • Interviewing strategies that get the job
  • Evaluating job offers: wants versus needs
  • Negotiating the optimum compensation package


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